Our vision and values

Our vision describes what we're here to do: provide excellent textile services for our customers. It epitomises the way we do business and gives us a purposeful path into the future.

Our vision enhances the unique Berendsen culture of delivering world-class customer service, underpins the reputation of our group and strengthens our sense of belonging.

Apart from our vision, our employees – from senior management to production line – are driven by a set of behaviours that we value in our company. We use them to guide all of our internal and external activities.


We are driven to achieve the best for all our customers at all times. We thrive on challenges and work with drive and determination to keep achieving our goals.


By focusing on the quality of our work, the people we work alongside and the world around us, we will build relationships in which care is given and appreciated on both sides. We will take the time to listen, look ahead and deliver exactly what our customers need.


Berendsen encourages its employees to be proactive and seek out innovative solutions for customers and our own business. We encourage our employees to have confidence in each other: confidence to do the right thing, at the right time, and for the right reason.


We want to be more than just a supplier. We will do that by working with our customers as one team, building on mutual strengths and making the right connections using our collective expertise to deliver the best possible service.

Through these principals we will stand out from the crowd, continue to be a strong business, able to invest in the future and build lasting partnerships with all its clients, whatever their size, whatever their area of business.