For enquiries regarding Hotels:

Sales enquiry

Whatever your hotel linen requirements, our approach is the same. You can select what you need from our Collections and Packages and we will then order linen for you and agree delivery and collection schedules to suit your business. And as it is hired through us, you don't have to tie up valuable capital buying and laundering your own hotel linens. You can leave all that to us.

The Berendsen process

Working with us could not be simpler...

Once your contract terms and start date with us have been agreed, we purchase the linen. You will then receive your first delivery on the agreed date. Your soiled linen will then be collected and your service will be maintained within our service cycle.

Berendsen hotels process

We also offer...

Linen availability

  • We have a continued supply of linen for our Collections and Packages.
  • Our linen is sourced specifically to maintain its quality and comfort, whilst ensuring longevity.

Quality and compliance

  • All of our operations and systems fully comply with all relevant legislation and agreed process guidelines and standards.

Business continuity planning

  • We are the only linen company who can provide full business continuity with two separate accredited linen plants. We provide peace of mind that your service will always continue.

Environmental responsibility

  • We are accredited to EN14001 environmental standard.
  • We have invested more than €2million in energy saving measures.
  • We have reduced our carbon footprint by over 5%. That's equivalent to the carbon emissions of 5,000 households.
  • We have cut our water usage by over 60%.

Investment and innovation

  • At Berendsen we are committed to delivering excellence. To deliver that excellence we have to invest and innovate.
  • We invest in new plant, equipment and training.
  • We innovate in both systems and processes, and are continually reviewing new technology to explore how it can enhance our service.