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Advanced Barrier Technology

Using advanced barrier technology, the SteriTex system provides effective infection control; it's strong and it's breathable. This means that you stay protected, cool and collected, when it counts most. That's not all. Think of the superior drapeability of fabric and the added product benefits: from 'easy–on' design to special procedure specific fenestrations with fluid control capabilities. The SteriTex advantage is clear.

Reduce Clinical Waste

In a throwaway world, it's comforting to know that the quality assured medical devices you're using will live on and be reprocessed, dramatically reducing your waste management problem. The cost benefit is obvious. The daily SteriTex service also removes the need for storing large quantities of product and allows us to help you lighten your administrative load.

Quality Assurance

Every step of processing is covered by our quality system. Our process is verified and validated to international standards, for sterile or nonsterile packs. Every component is traceable, right back to the raw materials, and through to the customer. We put our names to the quality of each pack. Every item is fully inspected by our professional team, ensuring you receive consistently safe products.

Quality Assured Systems

Our wash processes are carefully controlledmanaged and monitored. We use leading edge energy efficiency and water recovery technology as part of our commitment to managing environmental impact. Combining the latest water treatment with biodegradable components, we deliver your CE marked SteriTex pack in an environmentally sound way.

Proactive Partner

Our Theatre Services team becomes your team. We work with you daily to assess your requirements and throughput. We deliver on time, every time.

Discover the difference today. Talk to our Clinical Nurse Manager about a free trial of the SteriTex system, tailor-made to your needs. Call us on 01-632900 for details.

Customised Packs

After asking the right questions, we customise SteriTex procedure packs with your requirements in mind. You simply let us know what you want in your packs; we deliver what you need.