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Hand Drying

The Three main methods of hand drying are cabinet roller towels, paper towels and warm air dryers. We understand that individuals have specific preferences when it comes to drying hands. Berendsen provides all three, so that you can select the one that you prefer and that is most appropriate for your premises.

Cabinet Roller Towels 

Cabinet Roller Towels are specifically designed for hygiene, comfort and cleanliness in the workplace, being a low maintenance and convenient hand drying method. The used towel is kept separately from the clean towel, providing a fresh portion for each user and prevents cross contamination. A typical towel roll provides around 200 portions of towel. The cotton towels are both strong absorbent, and with no waste or electricity requirement are both an economical and environmentally friendly option. 

Hand Dryers 

Hand Dryers eliminate the problems of stock supply, storage and refilling, and are often the most cost-effective method of hand drying.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper hand towels are a popular solution for hand drying  in washrooms. Paper hand towels are convenient and dispensers do  not need a power supply to be fitted. Paper is a very hygienic method of hand  drying, since paper sheets are disposed of as soon as they have been used, and users typically do not touch the dispenser itself.

Our dispensers prevent users from taking large  amounts of towels simultaneously, to help conserve supplies of  towels.

Soap Dispensers

Washing and cleaning your hands is a simple but vital necessity in a washroom, soap dispensers are one of the tidiest and most hygienic hand cleaning options for your staff, visitors and customers.

Berendsen provide a variety of soap dispensers to meet your requirements including liquid, foam, automatic, manual and wall mounted soap dispensers.