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A Unique Service for Nursing Homes

Caring for your residents is what you do best. It's why our laundry service for nursing homes makes such sense.

Quality of care is ensured through a purpose-built facility that manages small load washes, and we deliver daily. It means your residents have a continual supply of clean, fresh clothes while you get on with what matters most – caring for those in your care.

A Personal Service for your Residents

Providing efficient laundry care can be time consuming and cost prohibitive particularly when it comes to machinery maintenance.

Choose the Caretex service and you'll have it all taken care of for you. You'll save time, money and resources while ensuring your residents receive the standard of care they're accustomed to, daily. 

Laundry Service with a Personal Touch

Delivering a personal laundry service that respects the privacy and dignity of your residents is our top priority.

That way they benefit from the efficiency and reliability of a daily service while enjoying a professional standard of care they're comfortable with.

Quality you can Count On

Caretex can also guarantee full accountability and traceability from our purpose-built facility.

Equipped with the very latest technology, documented reporting and quality control, we operate in line with the highest industry standards of hygiene and infection control.