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Contamination Control You Can Trust.

Dycem High Performance Contamination Control Zones deliver an outstanding, highly reliable and proven performance.With Dycem you get the reassurance of lower particle and microbial counts resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Dycem Control Zones are easy to use and provide a simple, long lasting and highly effective method of minimising foot and wheel borne contamination

Use Dycem wherever contamination is a concern, e.g. entrance and exitways to critical areas, changing rooms, transfer hatches and corridors.

  • Prevent up to 99% of contamination entering your Critical Areas.
  • 3 Times more effective than peel-off mats.
  • Reduce floor and air particle and microbial counts.
  • Improve yeild, cost savings and profitability.
  • Provide a clear visual barrier zone before entry.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Full 3 year warranty.
  • All Dycem products contain a high performance Anti-Microbial.

Berendsen Cleanroom can provide Dycem in a number of formats; from a loose laid mat that is ideal for Cleanroom entrances up to fixed flooring to cover an entire gowning area.

We will can perform a site audit and recommend the best format to suit your needs.