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Quality & Process

Our Process employs the most advanced technology to deliver outstanding results.

Our processes are specifically designed and operated to meet the exacting needs of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sectors. These were developed following extensive research of market requirements across Europe.

At the heart of our Process is a Medical Grade water purification plant. Using Micro-Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and both UV and Steam Sterilisation we deliver unsurpassed purity of water to our advanced Cleanroom washing machines.

Our Cleanroom Dryers are supplied with ULPA filtered air to ensure the cleanest possible drying environment for your garments.

The design of the facility and its dedicated Air Handling Plant permit a multi-step pressure cascade between grades, and a fully electronic control system monitors the environmental conditions within the facility.

Quality is important to you and it is Paramount for us.

Quality Assurance underpins everything we do from garment sourcing right through to rigorous process controls and environmental monitoring.

A comprehensive Quality Programme monitors every aspect of the facility and its operation. Our process is critical to the efficient laundry of your garments so we take great care to ensure that it operates in accordance with our commitment to operational excellence.
The implementation of our rigorous Quality Programme is stringently monitored by our Quality manager to ensure that it meets the highest international standards.