Corporate Responsibility

Building sustainable growth

Corporate Responsibility is integral to Berendsen. It impacts our long-term strategy and our ability to win and retain business. We continue to work hard to integrate high ethical and socially responsible standards into the decisions we make on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being closely in touch with our stakeholder’s expectations and endeavor to increase our ability to meet these requirements as they evolve over time.

Our strategic approach

We recognise that Corporate Responsibility (CR) is key to the long term success of our company. We stay close to our key stakeholders in order to understand their expectations of us on all aspects of CR. More than ever, our CR credentials are influencing our ability to attract and retain customers, employees, investors and suppliers. They also underpin our licence to operate by strengthening our relationships with local communities, industry partners and regulators.

Our CR focus areas.png

Our focus areas


Innovative Washroom solution award

In August, our Washroom business in the Netherlands won the National Business Success Award for sanitary hygiene solutions. The Award is part of the Dutch television programme ‘The Success Factor’. Our Washroom business is also a nominee for the awards ‘Best Company in the Netherlands’ and ‘Most Innovative Company’.

Corporate responsibility contact

Group Risk Manager

Nagore Marco

    Can be inquired about: CSR. Speaks: English & Spanish

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